About Bike8

Bike8 is the world class balance bike/push bike brand Bike8, the only balance bike brand selected to show case in the 16th Shanghai sports game opening ceremony.

So the concept of “infinite player” came into mind. The 8 of the Bike8, when laid flat, is the wheel of the balance bike, and also the infinite symbol. We wish the children to ride the Bike8, bravely breaking into the world, explore the “infinite” happiness and the growth of the soul. 

Bike8, the redesigned and integrated solid bike body, the high strength suspension rear fork as well as professional wheel sets allow children to not only ride on a flat road, but also easily ride over rocks,mud and roadsides, even jumps. It is worth investing more in the important tools for children to explore the world.

Bike8 owns 4 leading technologies +6 patents. Hydraulic integrated modling, 3D forging, CNC precision and Super GEL etc. It is lighter and stronger and more humane which can protect kids better.